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Policing in the Ancient World

The book Espionage in the ANcient World, by SHeldon RM is a great bibliograohy with many juicy sources for disparate topics. I’m looking at covert ops right now, but there is an interesting entry on the police on anceint egypt under Rome that indicates the existence of policing in the ancient world, including domestic information gathering and capturing of spies (p43). It is very interesting to see th extensive use of cryptography and codes in the ancient world to hide information from unwanted audiences. The practice is quite extensive and well documented. (60) A Greek residing in persian court Histiaeus wanted to communicate with his son-in-law Aristagoras, the tyrant of Miletus. Since the roads were guarded, he shaved the head of a trusted slave, tattooed the message on the slave’s head, and let the slave’s hair grow back. THe slave was sent to Aristagora with verbal instructions to shave his head.

Also  see Dvornik’s “Origins of Intelligence Services” on p137-138 on Egyptian police.

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