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Random points

How did the silver get to China if as Braudel says they had no grand finance fairs or markets, or if as Arrighi says they shut down all but one port?


In 1960 Iraq, Egypt and Lebanon had growing economies. Iraq had a growing economy till 1990. Saddam provided education, healthcare etc… How accurate of a picture is this? What caused the decline of this growth trend?


Braudel, in the Hppkins symposium book p88, the origin of counterfeit labels and labels of origin like “made in china” have parallels with the “Venetian Seal” with Levantine traders trying to fake venetian seals to get higher prices. Noting that the Italians had previously faked levantine seals to sell higher in Europe.


A lot of articles seem to be returning to the pre-state human societies to make claims about contemporary human politics. Is it useful to go back to the pre-state past for insights into the present? An example is in justice where we look at behavior to understand what we think is just or unjust at a universal level. Another example is the use of the “natural” adjhjective to argue for a particular vision of sexuality. It isn’t useful, we do not actually know about living styles but can only speculate, we don’t know if primal behavior is good for us today or if it works, we do not know if it is actually universal and assume there is no culture in the past, 

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