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American plants, Middle Eastern names

New world crops and animals associated with Ottoman Empire. Turkey is one candidate, corn has strong evidence. Sugar plantations originally in the Mediterranean. In Turkey, Turkey is referred to as Indian bird, probably from reference to West Indies, belief that it was Asia.

Maize associated with Ottoman empire, word for corn in Italian is Gran Turko (Turkish Grain), Turkish word for corn is Misr, 16th century Maize introduced to  Middle East.

Signs of globalizing trade. Took only a couple of decades for Turkeys to make their way back to Europe. It is said Spanish took Arabic translators to the new world expecting to meet others (Muslims) and the first words uttered by Europeans in the new world may have been Assalamu alaykom. New world crops drive population boom. Potatoes only later in 19th century become popular. Tomato and Chocolate unknown relatively in 18th century. Tobacco 16th century takes off as cash crop in 16th century. Pumpkin also new-world product.

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