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Have protests been stable over the years?


This article links to the study on the number of global protests in the world. This is based on a database of news mentions of protests. The PHD student suggests that increased protests is a sign of increased coverage as media technology developed.

In parallel I am reading: James Gelvin on the Political Economy of the ME. In it he lists how the civic order that enshrined stability for the 1950s and 1960s unravelled in 1970s as US pushed back against 3rd world system reform and broke down in the 1980s as IMF structural adjustment came in. He has a list of protests caused by IMF adjustment: (IMF riots in Egypt 1977, Turkey 1980-2000, Morocco 1984, Sudan 1982-1985, Algeria 1988, Jordan 1989-1996, Lebanon 1987.) So maybe the increase in protests could be the pangs of a shifting system. In this light the riotous 70s (which the data shows were not that unique anyway) are just the pains of switching to a new system and we have now settled into it. Perhaps not in the Arab world where there is a delayed adjustment.


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