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Heidegger: The Question Concerning technology

Essence of a thing is the correct revealing of the thing. Essence of things exist, there is one correct way of representing things.

There are different modes of revealing the essence of things. The technological mode of revealing is essentially instrumentalist, that is any time we look at nature or other people as containers of energy to be filled and used. The hydroelectric plant set in the rhine, sets the river to producing energy, reveals the river only as energy generated. The wooden bridge set to the Rhein is aesthetically different and is not like a hydro-plant. Ultimately this comes down to an arbitrary aesthetic preference for Heidegger, a sort of romanticism. (QCT 16) He thought the German language would be the catalyst to allow the true form of revealing of objects.

If 2 people in a bar are having a drink, and one of them thinks of it as a networking opportunity, this is a technological mode of revealing.  It is the attitude of demanding that nature be controlable and usable.

Is there anything such as unadulterated nature? There is a mode of revealing for humans that is in nature, he is ok with some modifications of nature, like the wooden bridge, but the criteria seems arbitrary to him. It seems that intent and attitude matters here.

Heidegger: He is well known not for his own writings but for what people do with his writings. The most popular uses of Heidegger are when someone else uses his text to make a point by doing a specific reading.

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