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Occupation determining “cultural attitudes”

I remember Melvin Kohn’s book making the argument that people’s occupations determined their political attitudes. There is potential here to push towards theories of prerequisites of democratization. It would be interestng to relate this to technical advances. I also remember in Simon AdbuMaliq\s book in which he gives the example of a worker in Nigeria I believe making a testament that working in a metal plant made him feel that he had control over his life (by virtue of control over nature).\

I think though that the effects only provide a time window before they stop having the political influences. DO the technologies have an influence on attitudes regardless of context? Do they generate a number of possible outcomes that are in a similar class?  It seems to me that once you start a job as a steel worker you would feel empowered but over the years perhaps that attitude shift might give way to something else or reversion to older attitudes.

It would be interesting to relate this on literature on unemployment and social unrest, the absence of work as determining political and cultural attitudes.

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