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Annals of Espionage

Amin Saykal: The coercive disarmament of Iraq.

While Reading Amin Saykal’s piece on Iraqi Disarmament. Interesting insight into the operation of empire and imperial orders. How UNSCOM was controlled by US and fed by CIA for the aim of toppling Saddam by supporting dissidents. He cites Hersh for this point. THis goes into the whole problem of justifying repression by authoritarian states, in a way then they were right in saying that these groups were collaborating with outside powers.

Hersh, “Annals of Espionage,” Saddam’s best friend. 34-41.

And another: US operated CIA base to overthrow Saddam from Kurdish no fly zone. Saddam supports a local party to dismantle and overrun CIA base:

Tim Weiner, “Iraqi Offensives into Kurdish Zone Disrupts U.S. Plot to Oust
Hussein,” New York Times (7 September 1996).

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