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Global Inequality

“existing capitalism has always expanded over the past two centuries in tandem with a generally stable and unequal hierarchy of wealth between countries.

I would love to get a literature source on this. Other interesting bits from this post:

Global inequality has been decreasing sine 1980 between countries and increasing within countries. This is true even without India and China. One of the top contributors to decreasing inequality has been Iran. It’s economic performance between 2000 and 2005 was stellar.

From the article by Ho Fung:

“Whether globalization is boosting or reducing between-country inequality depends on whether we measure each nation’s per capita income by currency exchange rate (FX, usually expressed in constant US dollars) or by purchasing power parity (PPP, expressed in constant international dollars). Whereas studies using the former unit find increasing inequality (Korzeniewicz and Moran 1997; Arrighi et al. 2003; cf. Wade 2004), studies using the latter indicate decreasing inequality (Firebaugh and Goesling 2004; Sala-i-Martin 2006).”

“In their most recent analysis, Firebaugh and Goesling (2004; cf. Bhalla 2002; Berry and Serieux 2006) find that inequality continuously decreased in the late 20th century. They attribute most of the decrease to the rapid industrialization of China and India, as the two most populous nations.”

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