Perspective and Reflexivity

When I read a text which states: so and so policy is disadvantageous to the developing world. Or particularly disadvantages the developing world. I automatically assume that the normative statement being made is a critical one. But this does not have to be so, it could be a statement guiding insidious policy. The other point is that someone who doesn’t identify as being from the developing world will not approach the text and its implied normative statements in the same way. If for them the developing world is somewhere else, the statement will not have the same immediacy in the same way as it does for me. But that is being too broad perhaps, because in the developed world there are a lot of perspectives and not just a single one. Still when it comes to a statement like this I think that it would not be controversial to suggest that the main line is between developed and developing as symbolic concepts that are used to understand self identity.

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