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Jack Mccormick Machiavellian Democracies

“And finally, in an attack on what he terms the “hegemony of elections,”McCormick calls for greater representation
of the people and their interests, not by electoral campaigns involving expressive voting but by random class
sampling using lotteries (p. 171).” This is from a review of this book. This idea is really interesting, a way to disrupt the dominance of money in elections.

“Ancient demoi and plebeians collectively threatened to withhold their war-making capacities from the state in order to gain pro-democratic concessions from the oligarchs of their regimes. Worker-citizens in nineteenthand twentieth-centuryNorth America and Europe achieved comparable, if arguably less substantive, results by withholding their labor power from industrial economies and/or by threatening to do so. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an asset shared by modern plebeians, the wielding or withholding of which would extort democratic reforms from contemporary political-economic elites.”

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