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Note on Timelines

Crusades: 1095-1099, 1147-1149, 1187-1192, 1202-1204, 1217-1221, 1228-1229,  1248-1254, 1270, 1271-1272

Christians helped mongols in 1273.

(I thought Europe wasn’t expoansionist before Pope Alexander and the discovery of the New World (On SIba))

1492 Discovery of New World

(1488?Portugue)1512: Sea Route Established from Europe to East Asia

1683: Peak of Ottoman Empire Best year 1500s-1600s So even while capitalism was developing in Europe Ottoman Empire was flourishing. (Cultural and scientific contributions?) Why do the big names go back to Arab times and not Ottoman, surely they didn’t dominate without some organizational or technical innovation. “Better the Sultan’s Turban than the Cardinal’s hat” 1481: plans to conquer rome given up after mehmet the greats death. Control of trade betweeen europe and asia over land. Dominant navy and superior military organization and technology into the 1500s. Barbarossa was Ottoman, dominant in Mediteranean. Took Baghdad from Persians in 1535. Tunisia 1574. But by 1580 Venice was holding Ottoman dominance. Land wars distracted from naval efforts and not as domiannt navally after 1580.

1593: Europeans beginign to overtake Ottomans technologically

1683: Battle of Vienna, marks end of expansion of Ottomans into Europe, last attempt on Vienna.

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