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US imperialism as unprecedented

“The far flung network of quasi-permanent overseas military bases put in place by the US during and after the Second World War was, in Stephen Krasner’s words “without historical precedent; no state had previously based its own troops on the sovereign territory of other states in such extensive numbers for so long a peacetime period” (Stephen Krasner “A trade strategy for the United States” Ethic and International Affairs, 2 (1988)


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Food insecurity

Apparently there was a food security crisis in 2006-2008


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Does the global south exist?

The utility of a concept like the global south is in delineating the stark inequality between developed and developing countries. But there is no global south outside of the economic figures. Lebanon has very little to do with India or Nigeria. There is no global south, and that means there are no uniform economic and political processes that are a cure-all for all of the under-developed.

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