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Anthropological foundation for universal morality

Reading: Frank De Waal; Desmond Morris


I am trying to find a foundational position on which to expound universal morality. Kant failed miserably, and I think others are too immersed in their own definitions of morality to be able to provide universal moral like the UN human rights charter. Reading the morality of chimps and Benobos and the moral modes of earlier forms of human society it becomes clear that there is something like a vague sense of fairness. Perhaps not morality but a sense of what is just and what is unjust emerges from these studies. Culture and religion seem to build on this but at base there is a foundational commonality in all religions (such as the golden rule).

Ofcourse this is fraught with risks of anachronism and backwards projection of present morals, perhaps I just need to find some universal moral foundation. (murder seems to be morally sanctioned for example). Perhaps it really doesn’t exist.

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