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The novelty of the contemporary era

I’ve stubbornly resisted it so far, but I think it is time to finally admit it, we are living in uniquely novel times that are historically unprecedented. There I said it, now can we get back to looking at how things are the same. From the perspective of Lebanon and the intervention of foreign powers. That is because even the economic base of production, technology, and the state are all recent, it seems that history is merely one long invasion and dispossession after the other, one foreign ruler after another, one massacre after another. The comforting monotony and drudgery of tragedy and the normality that this lends life is enough to hold on to this view. I think I agree with the Realist cyclical vision of power, regardless who holds it and how they justify it they act the same with respect ot foreign policy. The strong do as the want and the weak suffer as they must. Thus While I finally do yield that the economic foundations of production, distribution, and consumption are unprecedented, I maintain that the influence of political power on any political actor with respect to out groups is always unfair and abusive, and with respect to ingroups is mostly abusive and exploitative. Some things are new, others, particularly political discrimination and power politics, the rise of great powers, those are eternal. Then it must be because they are not found in the means of production, nor technology, it must be something else. Perhaps Waltz’s structural anarchy, perhaps human nature, perhaps the existence of multiple units in the same system.

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