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The Black Book of Capitalism/Liberalism

In reaction to comments that Marxism put into practice has led to gulags and the deaths of millions, Gro responded that the liberals forget their own atrocities.  IF we associate an ideology with a state like the USSR with communism, then is it fair to associate Colonial Britain with liberalism. I think it is. And if so then are all actions by Britain a result of liberal ideology in practice. I don’t know but if we want to retort to the black book of communism logic, then it is only comparable to include all British actions in the same way we include the Gulags or Chinese reeducation. Now Gro gave the example of East Timur and  American silence and complicity, and the Bengal Famine in which the British actively withheld food. If we count these as products of liberal ideology, then it is not clear at all whether liberalism counted in the same way as communism is less lethal. Perhaps at the home fronts in England and the United States (discounting slavery and Native American slaughter which probably wouldn’t be discounted) were more peaceful than the home fronts of communist countries, but the foreign policy of liberalism and its engagement with the world has a far larger body count. It is perhaps that which explains why the receiving end of foreign policy, in war and diplomacy, that only sees the anonymous bureaucracy in motion in all its sinister and hypocritical yet very real effects realizes that liberalism is perhaps even worse than communism.

Though ultimately I would dispute that either USSR or Britain embody liberalism and if they did Britain is a much better fit, but rather both  movements are a result of ideologies of civilization and modernity and it is those combined ideologies which have the potential for liberation and destruction that can more properly be said to be responsible.

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