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Human Adaptiveness

The Potato and the Tomato are American plants. Potato from the Andes, and Tomato south America in general. They were only introduced to the old world after the 1600s. It is amazing that potatoes are associated with Ireland, Russia (Vodka) and other Eastern European countries, and tomato’s are associated with everything really. Spanish bread, Italian everything, Pizza. It really is amazing, in 200 years cuisines of entire countries were completely revamped, and still people use food to claim connections and heritage. Makes you wonder what the Romans ate if they had neither Pasta nor tomatoes. I’m not including corn because it is generally known to be an American food, but its inclusion is also quite impressive. If anything the spread of food is a good sign of the possibility of coexistence and adaptation.

“The tomato was introduced to cultivation in the Middle East by John Barker, British consul in Aleppo circa 1799 to 1825.Nineteenth century descriptions of its consumption are uniformly as an ingredient in a cooked dish. In 1881, it is described as only eaten in the region “within the last forty years”” From Wikipedia.

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