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The importance of art and story-tellers

Art because it is the only forum through which the other can appear as human. More art from Warring states to one another would help promote the idea that over there there are people as well, with emotions, specifically art that captures subjective emotional experiences and attempts to translate them. It is one of the crucial forms through which humanization can take place, that is to make strangers come alive as humans. Obviously this doesn’t work if it is all individuals, artists are most powerful when associated with a group. So Russian Jewish Artists can speak on humanize all that group even though they are obviously not identical.

As for story tellers. The thing is that humility and hard work do not go with testaments and the narration of that work.


In the above video the Italian is a participant and he is clearly a very good story teller. I do not know if Najmuddine would have been able to tell the same story. Story tellers are most powerful when they are there, and they have a powerful role to play because they can portray experience while maintaining the dignity of the participants in the story. Obviously story tellers can distort as well, as can artists. But those participating have a much better chance of capturing some achievement and perspective, and the benefits of their presence outweighs the possible detriment. If there is a story teller guild autonomous of the state, Or maybe that would make it worse when the guild gets power hungry. Hmmm story tellers come from all walks of life, the skill is in the power fo their story. But then how do they arise? There are people who are naturally better story tellers, sense of timing etc.. and it can also take many forms (artists as story tellers?) but if we leave it to the masses then we wont hear most stories, look at reality tv and the nightly news.  But if someone filters stories it will be politicized (as if tv isn’t). So I guess guild might be a good mechanism, how do writers get noticed today? Obviously “good” art is still being produced but my criteria is not aesthetic, although part of it is, it is based on whether the medium is telling stories. If communities can choose their story tellers and present them to the rest of the world it would be good. But I guess that choice itself is just pushing the problem down to a lower scale from the general audience choosing to the community choosing. Somehow though it still works, we get stories that come out. But on the other hand Why should I accept the status quo, no it doesn’t work otherwise there would be fewer fucking fiascos out there and the whole point is to get enemies to see each other’s art. So it is a challenge, people who cross borders like the jazz player from US to USSR, (Jazz piano player).

But on the other hand if the NYT does an exposee on North Korean art and people are like that is so beautiful we must free them by bombs, then that is a whole clusterfuck in ways that were not intended.

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