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Ptolemy as the first Scientific Realist

This works really well, I’m sure someone has already noted this but it’s for my own stylistic purposes. I like Ptolemy because he lived in Egypt, used Arabic, and belongs to the Arab world proper. He believed that the source of all causes belongs to the heavens, but that we can never find all the original data precisely such as date and time of birth and errors of calculation. So like Jackson says Ptolemy would argue that laboratories may succeed in isolating the causes of the heavens, but that ultimately what is required is not just science but “conjecture” he uses that actual word as translated. The similarities are too similar so I assume Jackson must have known.


“Ptolemy admits that successful analysis of this temperament is not easily attained but is capable of being determined by someone who is able to regard the data “both scientifically and by successful conjecture”. He questions why, if a person can reliably predict the general weather patterns and their effects upon agricultural seeds and animals from the knowledge of the celestial cycles:”

From Wikipedia (bite me)

(Title wrong it was Plato)

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