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Interstate rivalry and terrorism (Article)


Seems silly but finding that states involved in international rivalry of some sort between 1975 and 2003 were more likely to be targeted for terrorist attacks than other states. Not sure how this is linked to state sponsorship, the link that two states in conflict cause the extra attacks by active sponsorship seems difficult to prove. Assumption of state ontology permeates this study making all agency reside in states. Who is responsible? Why the state ofcourse.

Claims that previous research focused on domestic variables, macroeconomic variables, and microfoundational? variables.

It would be interesting to see if revolution or domestic unrest seems to correlate with rivalry as well. Assumption that support of terrorism is only tool in arsenal for low intensity change. Support of terrorism allows the achievement of the outcome of actual warfare (what?) without the costs. Outcomes listed are voting behaviour shifts, economic influence. Not really sure this substitutes outcome of actual warfare. “destablilization or complete destruction of rival regimes” Damn.

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