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Final notes for Intro to IR

When using dyad interactions for statistics (measuring frequency and number of interaction,m war events) It is not useful to use dyad years. This forces the data to duplicate if an event falls across to years, or if more than one vent falls within the same year. Instead interaction between individuals and states tend to cluster (see book Bursts which is lame but makes this same point) SO instead of a Dyad year, once should use dyad cluster of interaction. (Dyad means that an event is counted twice from perspective of both actors interacting).

Game theory assumes first game to be T0 but this isnt really the case, there are a long list of previous interactions that come previously, and actors change after every round played. Game theory is good as an analytical type, to explain, but not to predict. If history is a single event, point 0 is in three thousand BC.

There is no point in talking about theory without referring to empirical examples. The cases make the theory. If every case is unique then the only way to create theory is from experience. (phenomenology Husserl)

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